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+358 10 206 9620
Price The price of the call is 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (VAT 24%).


Kokkola Lääkärikeskus offers diverse skin laser therapy services. Treatment is administered by a skin specialist and nurse who have laser therapy qualifications.


A laser therapy appointment or consultation appointment is booked by calling the appointment booking number 06 8244500 or using the online booking service at

Laser nurse’s treatments

A physician’s referral, which can be provided by Epilaser’s physician, is required for treatments carried out by a laser nurse. For personal laser consultation, you can also book a remote appointment.

Skin Specialist Tanja Rauma-Pinola

Skin Specialist MD Tanja Rauma-Pinola trained in skin laser therapy during her specialisation, and she has carried out treatments since 2011. Rauma-Pinola is responsible for all the laser treatments provided at Kokkola Lääkärikeskus. Patients of all ages, from children to elderly people, are referred to her reception for laser treatment and consultations.

Customers are referred to be, who are not recommended to be, or cannot be, treated using traditional methods. I have always been happy to carry out procedures, and I particularly like laser treatment because they achieve clean outcomes without blood and a finalised end result. For example, small benign spots or raised moles can be tidily removed by laser.”