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In Mehiläinen Lahti, the laser treatment services of both a dermatology specialist and a nurse trained in laser treatments are available. The office uses the new Asclepion QuadroStarPRO yellow laser for the treatment of surface blood vessels and vascular tumors, the CO2 laser for the treatment of skin tumors, scars and age changes, the Candela GentleLaser ProU alexandrite laser for laser hair removal performed by a nurse, and a Q-switched ruby ​​laser for tattoo removal.

Appointment and treatment estimate

A laser treatment or consultation appointment can be booked from Mehiläinen’s appointment booking number 010 41400 or online appointment booking.

Laser nurse treatments

Nurse Minna Heikkinen performs laser hair removal, tattoo removal and light fractional treatments at the office. If the need for treatment is purely aesthetic, you can book an appointment directly with the laser nurse. A doctor’s referral is required for treatment performed on medical grounds.

Dermatology specialists Toni Karppinen, Tommi Kettunen and Kari Saarinen

Dermatology specialists Toni Karppinen, Tommi Kettunen and Kari Saarinen are responsible for laser treatments in Mehiläinen Lahti. Saarinen became familiar with laser treatments during his specialization in the early 1990s, and has been using lasers in his patient work ever since. Karppinen has more than fifteen years of experience with lasers.

Most raised moles that bother patients can be removed by laser without invasive surgery. Laser can be used to remove dozens of changes at once. The advantage of laser treatment is a quick, aesthetic result and short recovery time. Laser is the best, and often the only good form of treatment, for the treatment of superficial blood vessels and haemangiomas.”

Toni Karppinen