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Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal

How are tattoos removed?

We remove decorative, cosmetic and traumatic tattoos with Q-switched and picosecond lasers. We use ruby lasers (Lappeenranta, Tampere, Lahti, Kuopio) and KTP/Nd:YAG lasers (Vantaa, Oulu, Vaasa, Rovaniemi, Kouvola). Before removal, we treat the area with a fractional laser. The pre-treatment improves the results. Tattoo removal laser breaks down the pigment with a photoacoustic pressure wave. The pigment is removed by the immune system.

How can colours be removed?

Ruby laser is best for the removal of black, blue, green and magenta tones, and it also fades grey and brown tones. The effect on red, yellow and white tones is minimal. KTP/Nd:YAG laser is best for removing red, yellow and orange (KTP) and black and blue (Nd:YAG).

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments depends on the color, amount, depth, and anatomical area of the pigment. The exact number cannot be predicted, but you can get an estimate with the Kirby-Desai counter. The treatment interval is 6 weeks. A black tattoo can usually be removed completely. However, this is not always possible if the pigment is located deep in the dermis.

Is removal painful?

It is rather painful. EMLA cream available from the pharmacy without a prescription can be applied to the skin for an hour. Painkillers can also be used.

What are the after-care instructions?

The area is showered and protected daily. Scabs can be treated with basic emollient. Healing will take 2 weeks and area should be protected from sun. Hyper- or hypopigmentation may develop, which will usually correct in 6-12 months.

Can tattoo removal cause a scar?

Removing a tattoo usually leaves a lighter area, sometimes not even that. Hypertrophic scars are not usual. The risk of scar is minimal, but possible if the patient has a tendency for hypertrophic scar.

How do I access treatment?

You can book a treatment appointment directly to nurse. For an individual assessment you can book time to Epilaser dermatologist or use teledermatology appointment SILK.