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Adrienn Joensuu

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Adrienn Joensuu

Specialist in dermatology, MD

I am a specialist in skin diseases and allergology. I work as a hospital physician, but I also hold a private reception. I carry out a lot of different skin laser treatments, and I have more than ten years of experience in these treatments.

At Epilaser’s service point in Kuopio, I treat, e.g. superficial blood vessels and other vascular skin changes. I remove a lot of benign skin growths and carry out laser epilation for patients referred by hospitals. I use a carbon dioxide laser to carry out skin-evening fractional laser treatments for scars and age-related changes. I also have a Q-switched ruby laser in use for tattoo removals. At my reception, an appointment for a consultation is usually booked first, but I can carry out small laser treatment procedures already during the first appointment.

As a general dermatologist, I treat, e.g. Acne patients, complete allergy tests and mole monitoring. As a mother of three children, child and youth skin disorders are particularly close to my heart.

Welcome to my reception!

Adrienn Joensuu