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Tanja Rauma-Pinola

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Tanja Rauma-Pinola

Specialist in dermatology, MD, PhD

I am a specialist in skin diseases and allergology and a doctor in medicine. I operate at the Central Hospital of Central Ostrobothnia as Senior Ward Physician, and I treat a lot of special medical care patients on a daily basis. I have carried out skin laser treatments as Epilaser’s physician as my side job for more than 10 years.

The removal of skin-toned and benign raised facial moles is the laser treatment with the most demand in our region. The removal of raised moles is extremely convenient by laser. Before removal, I, of course, use a dermatoscope to ensure that the change is benign, and if necessary, I take a sample or remove a suspicious change surgically. If necessary, I use liquid nitrogen freezing.

I also use laser to fade scars caused by acne, surgery and accidents, as well as superficial blood vessels and haemangiomas. I treat excessive hair growth, and I carry out fractional laser treatments to fade fine lines.

My free time passes quickly in the hustle and bustle of family life. As a hobby, running has always been important to me.

Tanja Rauma-Pinola