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Call the helpline.
+358 10 206 9620
Price The price of the call is 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (VAT 24%).


Mehiläinen Oulu offers diverse skin laser therapy services. The treatments are provided by a dermatologist and nurse who are qualified in these treatments.


A laser therapy appointment or consultation appointment is booked by calling Mehiläinen’s appointment booking number 010 41400 or using the online booking service.

Laser nurse’s treatments

A physician’s referral, which can be provided by Epilaser’s physician, is required for treatments carried out by a laser nurse. For personal laser consultation, you can also book a remote appointment.

Skin Specialist Erika Wikström

Skin Specialist MD Erika Wikström has held Epilaser’s laser reception since 2017 and is responsible for all the aesthetic and medical skin laser treatments provided at Mehiläinen in Oulu.