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+358 10 206 9620
Price The price of the call is 8,35 cents/call + 16,69 cents/min (VAT 24%).


Mehiläinen Vaasa offers diverse skin laser therapy services. Treatment is administered by a skin specialist and nurse who have laser therapy qualifications.


A laser therapy appointment or consultation appointment is booked by calling Mehiläinen’s appointment booking number 010 41400 or using the online booking service.

Laser nurse’s treatments

A physician’s referral, which can be provided by Epilaser’s physician, is required for treatments carried out by a laser nurse. For personal laser consultation, you can also book a remote appointment.

Skin Specialist Ari Karppinen

Skin Specialist MD Ari Karppinen has regularly offered laser treatments at Mehiläinen Vaasa for more than a decade. There has been a high demand for skin laser treatments, and the appointments have been quickly fully booked. Treatments are carried out equally for women and men:

Women seek laser therapy equally for various reasons. Common reasons for treatment include excessive and male-like hair growth, acne scars and other acne changes, age-related changes and superficial blood vessel problems. Men seek laser treatments for many of the same reasons but significantly less involve the treatment of age-related changes. I also remove a lot of benign skin growths and spots by laser. Warts are usually problems among the younger age group, while seborrheic keratoses and skin tags are more common in the older age groups.”