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Kari Saarinen

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Kari Saarinen

Specialist in dermatology, MD

I am one of the most experienced dermatologists in Finland. I started specialising in the sector in the mid-1980s, and I began to immediately actively study skin surgery. Already then, in my work at clinics in Lahti and Helsinki, it was visible how skin cancer would become more common.

In hospital work, my area of responsibility has been skin cancer surgery, cryosurgery of growths, photodynamic treatment of skin cancer, and the monitoring and laser treatments of melanoma patients. I have trained in dermatoscopy, i.e. The identification of early-stage skin cancer and become one of Finland’s top experts. I actively teach dermatoscopy to general physicians and specialists.

As an Epilaser physician at Mehiläinen in Lahti, I use a CO2 laser for, e.g. The removal of benign moles and warts, refining acne scars and rejuvenation, two different blood vessel lasers for the treatment of couperosa, rosacea and haemangiomas, a ruby laser for tattoo removal and an alexandrite laser for epilation.

I am calm but meticulous, and I consider the patient in a holistic manner. I am easy to approach, and I provide time for the patient’s story. Patients and colleagues seem to respect my experience and professionalism, which I actively maintain and develop by following the industry’s literature and participating in national and foreign training.

During my leisure time, I am known to be an enthusiastic golfer.

Kari Saarinen