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Sampsa Kauppi

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Sampsa Kauppi

Specialist in dermatology, MD

I operate as a dermatologist at public healthcare hospitals and private receptions. Over the years, I have used skin laser devices suitable for various purposes almost daily in my work with skin patients, and I have 15 years of experience in skin laser treatments. I also hold a lot of training courses and lectures on skin disorders and the possibilities laser therapy provides in their treatment.

I examine and treat all types of skin changes and disorders at my reception. I carry out, e.g. skin cancer surgery, liquid nitrogen freezing, mole removals, Botox and filler treatments, as well as chemical peels. I also treat a lot of patients’ skin problems using remote diagnosis on the basis of photographs, and I remotely respond to public healthcare physician’s photograph-based consultations concerning skin disorders.

My area of expertise involves the diagnosis and treatment of skin growths. In addition to a visual and dermatoscopic examination, I carry out mole examinations and systematic mole monitoring using IntelliStudio® mole imaging equipment at Terveystalo Lappeenranta. This robotic imaging system, which utilised artificial intelligence, enables mole monitoring of the entire body and the early diagnosis of melanoma.

During my leisure time, I use up my energy by playing bat-and-ball games!

Sampsa Kauppi