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Warts and condylomas

Warts and condylomas

What are warts and condylomas?

Warts (verruca vulgaris) and genital condylomas (condyloma acuminatum) are growths caused by the HPV virus, which can cause functional and aesthetic harm.

How do I get rid of warts or condylomas?

The treatment of warts and condylomas with creams is often burdensome and ineffective. The most effective way to treat these growths is with cryotherapy, i.e. Freezing with liquid nitrogen. Cryotherapy is particularly suitable for the treatment of large warts of warts on the soles of feet. Small warts and genital condylomas are easy to remove quickly and accurately with a CO2 or Er:YAG laser.

Why laser treatment?

Laser can remove changes accurately, quickly and without bleeding. A good aesthetic result is achieved with laser.

How many treatments are needed?

Small warts may disappear already after one treatment session. The treatment of large warts requires several sessions of cryotherapy or laser therapy. Treatment sessions are usually carried out at intervals of 3-4 weeks.

Does laser therapy or cryotherapy hurt?

Laser therapy and cryotherapy are slightly painful. If necessary, local anaesthetics can be used. Conduction anaesthesia can be used for a finger or toe. EMLA cream should be applied on the warts, and MCP joint (knuckle) area, of a child 1.5 h before the appointment so that the injection of local anaesthesia will hurt less.

What are the after-care instructions?

After treatment, the area will be irritated and form a scab over a period of 1-3 weeks. The area is showered daily. You can go to the sauna, but swimming in swimming halls should be avoided.

How do I access treatment?

An appointment is booked with a dermatologist. Treatment for adults can usually be carried out already during the first appointment. A child’s warts can also be treated during the initial appointment if the child has been well-informed in advance and is happy for the treatment to be done.