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Toni Karppinen

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Toni Karppinen

Specialist in dermatology, MD, PhD, CEO

I am a specialist in dermatology and doctor in medicine. I have more than ten years of experience in skin laser therapy and other minor procedures of the skin. Previously I operated as the clinical lecturer of skin disorders at the University of Tampere, but nowadays, I work full-time as a private physician.

I use lasers to fade scars caused by acne, accidents, burns and surgery, remove benign skin growths, superficial blood vessels and haemangiomas, tattoos and excessive hair growth. I also carry out fractional laser treatments, which rejuvenate the skin and fade fine lines.

Another specific subject of interest is skin cancers, their diagnosis and treatment. I treat skin cancers and their preliminary stages with surgical procedures, cryotherapy and PDT treatments. I also guide a thesis concerning skin cancer. You can familiarise yourself with my list of publications on my CV page.

I carry out mole examinations of the entire skin surface with a dermatoscope. For patients with an increased risk of melanoma, I carry out systematic mole monitoring using IntelliStudio® mole imaging equipment. This robotic imaging system, which utilised artificial intelligence, enables mole monitoring of the entire body and the early diagnosis of melanoma.

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Toni Karppinen