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IntelliStudio® mole imaging

IntelliStudio® mole imaging

Why should moles be monitored?

In Finland, approximately 1,700 cases of melanoma are annually diagnosed. Melanoma is a significant public health disease. The patient’s prognosis is good if melanoma is diagnosed and operated on in a timely manner. The prognosis becomes poor if the diagnosis is delayed and melanoma metastasises.

Why IntelliStudio® mole imaging?

A dermatologist examines the patient’s moles visually and with a dermatoscope. This traditional examination method works well in everyday patient work and helps distinguish between high mole risk patients and low-risk patients. The risk is high in patients with a lot of moles and patients that have so-called restless moles, i.e. Moles that require a physician’s follow-up monitoring and examinations.

The early stages of melanoma are sometimes impossible to differentiate from a benign mole. IntelliStudio® mole imaging is undeniably the most reliable monitoring method for patients with a high risk of developing melanoma. A patient or physician cannot accurately remember if any mole has changed during the monitoring interval, especially if there are many moles.

How does the IntelliStudio® system work?

The robot camera of the IntelliStudio® system images the body’s skin and all the moles. In addition to this, microscopic close-up images are taken with a digital dermatoscope of the moles to be monitored. The images of the entire skin area and the close-ups can be compared between the imaging sessions, which makes it easy to observe new moles and changes in old moles. The IntelliStudio® device’s artificial intelligence also assesses the moles, informs of any new moles and any changes to moles.

Does the IntelliStudio® system provide any scientifically proven benefits?

Studies have shown that two-stage digital mole monitoring identifies melanoma sooner than normal when melanoma is still fine and has not metastasised.

Who is IntelliStudio® mole imaging for?

Patients with lots of moles and patients with unusual moles will benefit from IntelliStudio® monitoring. The risk of melanoma is also increased by a photosensitive skin type, multiple cases of burning the skin or if the patient, or a relative, has previously been diagnosed with melanoma. The criteria of lots of moles are met if the patient has more than 50 moles, but already 20 moles in red-pigmented patients causes a high risk of melanoma.

Where is IntelliStudio® mole imaging performed?

IntelliStudio® mole imaging is carried out at Epilaser’s operating location at Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka in Tampere, at Terveystalo Lappeenranta and Mehiläinen Tikkurila. Mole imaging is carried out by Epilaser’s dermatologists and laser nurses.

How do I access imaging?

The need for mole imaging is assessed at the dermatologist’s reception. Imaging can also be accessed with a referral from public sector healthcare. Mole imaging is carried out by a nurse qualified in mole imaging and instructed by a dermatologist. In Tampere, at Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka, dermatologist Toni Karppinen and bioanalyst Sallamari Henttinen are responsible for operations. At Terveystalo Lappeenranta and Mehiläinen Tikkurila dermatologist Sampsa Kauppi and nurse Heidi Timo are responsible for operations.