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Skin tightening

Skin tightening

How can loose skin be tightened?

Skin and dermal tightening can be achieved by utilising radio frequency (RF). We have monopolar and multipolar RF devices in use. Monopolar devices are mainly used for the treatment of facial and neck areas, and multipolar devices can also be used to treat larger skin areas.

What benefits are there to RF treatment?

The benefit of RF treatment compared to tightening laser therapies is the short recovery time of less than half an hour. The treatment strengthens the hypodermis deeper than laser therapy methods, but it does not peel the surface of the skin. Thus, treatment can be carried out throughout the year, and tanning or dark skin types do not prevent treatment.  However, RF treatment cannot be directly compared with fractional laser therapies because the methods have their own, supplementary benefits.

How does multipolar RF treatment work?

The multipolar RF devices we use, Venus Freeze® and Swan®, form a dense and even energy matrix that reaches a depth of 1-2.5 cm. The depth of the treatment effect is determined according to the treatment objective and the treatment area. A more superficial RF treatment is sufficient for strengthening the support structures of the facial, neck and décolleté area’s skin and dermis, while a deeper form of treatment that also slightly breaks down fat cells is used for the treatment of body and limb areas. RF treatment also strengthens the intermediate collagen filaments of the dermis and thus treats cellulite too. The treatment can also slightly fade stretch marks.

How does monopolar RF treatment work?

The monopolar RF device BioRad® is suitable for more intense skin tightening. In BioRad® treatment, several individual spotlights are focused on the skin. The treatment is an excellent option for tightening the skin of the facial and neck area. Excellent scientific research results have been obtained on the effectiveness of BioRad® treatment.

How do I access RF treatment?

RF treatment sessions are carried out by our nurses who are qualified for these treatments.  The treatment sessions are usually carried out every 1-2 weeks in series of 3-8 sessions. Since the treatment is based on the utilisation of the skin’s own repair mechanisms, the treatment results are obtained with a delay of approximately 3-6 months. A physician’s referral is not required for RF treatment.