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Janne Räsänen

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Janne Räsänen

Specialist in dermatology, MD, PhD

I am a specialist in dermatology and PhD. I work full-time at the Tays dermatology clinic, but I also have a private practice. I have a dissertation on the treatment of actinic keratoses and the diagnosis of skin cancers.

I do laser treatments at Epilaser’s Tampere office. I remove benign skin tumors, superficial blood vessels and hemangiomas. I also treat acne, surgical and accidental scars. In addition, I do fractional laser rejuvenation for the aging skin and wrinkles. The first visit is usually a consultation, but small laser procedures can be done also on the first visit.

As a general dermatologist, I treat a wide range of skin problems. I evaluate moles and skin tumors, treat acne and rashes, and do cryotherapy for warts and skin tumors. To confirm the diagnosis, I use a dermatoscope and, if necessary, take a biopsy or remove the lesion with a knife. I am also happy to treat pediatric patients. I have been vaccinated against corona.

My free time is mainly spent with my family, and my passion is mountain biking!

For the time being, laser treatments and consultations only on Tuesday mornings at Koskiklinika (even weeks). Welcome to the reception!