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Back tattoo removal

Experiences Published 23.10.2020

Removal of youth-time tattoos with the efficient FracTat method.


Before and after.

Aino had a black tattoo done on her back when she was just 16 years old. She began to regret the tattoo done by a friend very soon after it had been done. Aino waited a few years to have the stamp removed because she initially didn’t want to admit having made a mistake. Finally, Aino started the removal process, and the tattoo was removed entirely with six treatment sessions. The skin was left with some lighter-toned parts but no raised scarring.

The tattoo was removed using the FracTat method; in other words, one session involved pre-treatment with a fractional CO2 laser and the actual treatment was carried out with a Q-switched ruby laser. FracTat is the most effective known method for tattoo removal, and at Epilaser, all tattoo removals are nowadays carried out with FracTat!