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Spider angioma laser treatment

Experiences Published 3.11.2020

Just one treatment session can remove a spider angioma.


Before and after.

Our customer Wilma, whose hobbies include bikini fitness, had a spider angioma on her cheek, which bothered her. Wilma had had the spider angioma for years, and it bothered her because it looked just like a pimple. In the end, we removed this bothersome change with a KTP laser. This is how Wilma shares her experience on her blog:

This procedure wasn’t familiar to me previously, so I was prepared for laser treatment to cause pain. It had been pointless to prepare for the pain because the laser couldn’t really be felt at all.

It took around two weeks until my spider angioma had disappeared completely. After treatment, the area was slightly red and then a tiny scab developed, after which it vanished altogether. Now there are no signs of it, and I am super satisfied with the results. I am most surprised by how painless and quick this procedure was and how quickly my spider angioma really disappeared.”

Spider angiomas can usually be treated with a single treatment session. The treatment can be carried out immediately during a consultation visit.

The following images show the situation before the treatment and 2 weeks after the KTP laser treatment.